Features of the next generation of Smart phones

Smart Phones have completely changed the way we communicate with each other. Revolution of smart phone started with the introduction on first iPhone. Right from that day till now, we have seen wide range of features being added to smart phone which is capable of performing many incredible things at our finger tips. With every flagship smart phone of all major companies rolling out more and more things are getting added, they are getting thinner, more sophisticated, more sensors are being added, resolution is just getting better, battery efficiency increasing and many such thing is coming in. Not only hardware part but software and apps are also getting more powerful capable of performing more function. It’s said that today’s smart phone has more computing ability than Apollo mission computers of 1960’s that made possible for humans to land on moon.

The most current addition of the latest smart phone feature includes, curved smart phones, finger print detector, waterproof, various wearable device, much higher processing capability and camera of a professional quality. In spite of all this we are greedy for more features and companies too are spending million in funding research which could give birth to more revolutionary products.

Let us look at some future mobile technology that could take mobile revolution to next level.

Upcoming features of smart phones and iphone

1. Wearable Devices

Wearable device have already made their way with the introduction to iWatch and Samsung gear. This is type of wearable watches connected with your smart phone and extends your mobile functionality without getting your mobile out of your pocket. You can get real time notification for calls, Email, apps and much more. It is also function as health monitoring device, which can measure your pulse and activity and the data could be feed to mobile apps giving out the outcome of activity on your wrist at any moment. With the further advancement of Smart watches many more features could be added to it and it is going to get more powerful then now, this is just a beginning of smart watches. This is not only thing in wearable devices; other wearable device about to make their way is smart glass. You could wear it as your regular glass which could project interface right in front of eye mixing up with real world. This will help you for better GPS in real time, live weather condition, reading your mobile messages and Emails. You could even video record or take photo from it and upload directly to social network all in real time. Possibilities are infinite for this and could be next big thing in wearable technology. Other wearable technology could include smart shoes and some sort of clothes.

There could be even something altogether different wearable technology already in research which could be totally different from the things we could imagine right now.


2. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has the possibility to give birth to whole new industry, which is already slowly making its presence. Gaming technology, research, military, education, space exploration, all going to benefit from virtual reality. What we need is extremely powerful computer to initiate a virtual environment.

Possibly is there could some wearable device connected with your mobile phone who is capable of projecting virtual environment.


3. Powerful mobile battery

With all such sophisticated device, a major problem is of having a powerful battery which could last reasonably long enough to meet our requirement and eliminate the need to frequently charging your smart phone in every few hours.

We surely need to have some powerful batteries to power our smart phone. Like a battery that once charged could power smart phone for days, many research is already going on it and many prototype are out, but we are waiting it to be a part of main stream smart phone. Even there are some super capacitor chargers that could charge mobile in couple of minutes this will also solve problem for power requirement. We could even see solar panel integrated with mobile case to harvest the solar energy to power our smart phone and then you need to rarely charge your mobile in convenient ways!


4. Foldable screens

Samsung is already working on working on foldable screen and according to some sources it would be commercially available in market as soon as 2016. This will definitely create a lot of buzz.

It is difficult to predict how beneficial this could be for us apart from saving space but none the less it will be interesting to look at it.


5. Screen project

Portable projectors are already available for mobile as an accessory. What we would like to have is mobile projector to be an integral part of mobile, without making it more bulky. With this we would be able to project anything available on screen to any flat screen on wall.


6. Live Hologram

We have seen this in many science fiction movies, but it’s right now bit away from reality, especially live hologram. But sooner or later it’s going to make way. And once it is integrated with wearable device like smart watch or glass you could talk with seeing them digitally in 3D live in front of you.

It would be even a great combination to integrate live hologram with virtual reality!


Let us how many of this technology and its variants make their way in near future. It will be even more fascinating to see how this impacts our life and way we are communicating now


Kaushal Gohil

Kaushal Gohil

Kaushal Gohil is an enthusiastic blogger who loves to write articles about technology & fascinating world of internet. He also likes to write and talk about entrepreneurship and inspire others to be a part of it
Kaushal Gohil

Kaushal Gohil

Kaushal Gohil is an enthusiastic blogger who loves to write articles about technology & fascinating world of internet. He also likes to write and talk about entrepreneurship and inspire others to be a part of it

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