Learn How to Make Money on YouTube

Internet has helped us in many ways. It has completely revolutionized the way we search for information. Apart from being a great source of information for almost every topic, internet has also changed the way how we communicate, learn, interact and shop. Popularity of internet is only increasing day by day and thousands of new people are getting connected to it. Internet is getting mature every coming year by providing thing in much interactive, easy and convenient way. It has given birth to whole new industry, the video blogging and YouTube is undoubtedly leads the industry.

Learn How to make money on youtube

There are millions of video uploaded on YouTube on wide range of topic. Try to think of any possible video and most probably YouTube already have it. May it be any tutorial on anything, entertainment videos, sports video, news, anything you name it and they already have it. This may make you think, how does thousands of people behind all these video are benefiting from it. Well, you will be surprised to know that there number of ways how these people make money on YouTube. If they can make it, there is no reason, you can’t make it!

 Guide on How to Make Money on YouTube:

1. Monetizng your Video:

This is the simplest and most known way of earning money on YouTube. You need to upload your original video that you have created or have appropriate rights for it. Also, the background audio needs to be original or you must have right for that audio. Remember, you just can’t rip of any video or audio and re-upload and hope to earn. Not even modifying original video will do the trick. You can only earn from the video you have created. Once you have uploaded the video, you could go into channel setting and activate monetization option. You need to get a lot of views to earn from this method. If you have original video but worried about adding sound, there’s a relief for you, YouTube itself provides vast royalty free music which you can freely use in your video, some of them are completely free to use while some audio just require to provide attribution to the author. Not a big deal in return of awesome music.

Be Original and creative.

2. Promoting/Selling products:

YouTube can turn out to be a powerful extension to your offline business. This can even work well even with a small business that you own. If you are having a shop or you sell some kind of products, it’s wise to make a few videos, explaining or demonstrating the products you are selling. May it be a retail shop, tailoring shop, cake shop, flower shop, hardware shop or anything in general. Making a video and uploading a video on YouTube is very easy now and this will help you to gain customer, build trust, increase your reach, interacting directly with potential customers. This is some of the few benefits of YouTube.

3. Affiliate Marketing on YouTube:

You have the selling skill! But, you don’t have any product of your own? neither any service to offer?

Don’t worry, you can still make big on YouTube. Affiliate marketing, is what you need. Look out for product that you can sell very well. Then find a trustworthy company that deals in that product with whom you can join as an affiliate, Amazon offers a great opportunity to sell their wide range of products. Make a video explaining the benefit, uses and review of it and provide your affiliate link in the description and encourage user to ask their doubts in the comment section or via email. You get a certain percentage of every successful transaction. You don’t need to worry about shipping and returns, your job is just to help user buy. A smart way of earning, isn’t it?

4. Tutorial and providing service:

Tutorial is hit on YouTube; you can find thousands and thousands of tutorials to learn almost everything online. If you are expert in some field or provide service. Make a quality video showing your expertise in your niche. People tend to trust more what they see in action. This is great for Internet marketers, web designers, interior designers, music teachers, chef or any other hobby. You can not only provide your service but at the same time sell or guide them to buy products related to it. Can you see an opportunity now or still confused on how to make money on youtube.

5. YouTube as a traffic generator:

If you already have a website and are monetizing its contents but are not utilizing Youtube with it, then it’s the time you should start giving a serious thought to it. Because this is what that can bring additional traffic to your website, with the same content presented into video. If you don’t want to shoot, you can make a slide animation or other simple animation or just slide show, added with royalty free music or your own voice over.

6. Start your very own Web Series:

If you are the one who loves storytelling and are passionate about it and looking for a platform. YouTube is a great place to start and show your talent and create your very own web series. Once successful you can scale it up into full time business and make it big. There are many web series that solely runs on YouTube and are doing great.

7. Become a YouTube Star:

If you want to make it in acting, singing, dancing or want to be a stand up comedian. Start making video of yourself and uploading on YouTube showing your skills. Once you get popular and are loved by the people, there are great chances you will be approached by some influential in your industry and could possibly change your destiny over-night. This is your chance to make your name in list of YouTube stars!

Let us know, if you would like to anything more about How to make money on YouTube, we would be glad to help and guide you in every way we can.


Kaushal Gohil

Kaushal Gohil

Kaushal Gohil is an enthusiastic blogger who loves to write articles about technology & fascinating world of internet. He also likes to write and talk about entrepreneurship and inspire others to be a part of it
Kaushal Gohil

Kaushal Gohil

Kaushal Gohil is an enthusiastic blogger who loves to write articles about technology & fascinating world of internet. He also likes to write and talk about entrepreneurship and inspire others to be a part of it

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