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Products and service cost is increasing day by day, people always thrive to get things for as cheap as possible. On the contrary there are some great and useful things you can get for absolutely free, even today; we have made a list of things you can get for free!

Things you can get for free 

1. Email Service

Most commonly know free service. there are number of email service offered for free, Gmail by Google being the major provider of free email service to all users. Gmail is not only free but the best email service. It comes with a ton of features with itself, where you can customize your account very well as per your requirement. The user friendly app for mobile and tablet associated with gmail only makes our job easy and keep us well connected.

2. Smartphone Apps

Free apps are everywhere. They have become part of our life; they provide wide variety of useful utility for our day to day need to business needs. Most of this apps are free for Smartphone,  it include calculator, Email service, Instant messaging service, video calling, fitness app, business and finance management apps, entertainment apps, games, news apps and a wider variety in each category, you could browse through them. Try to think of any application for any particular function and possibly there will be ore than one app providing more or less the similar functionality.


3. Website Building tools

There are many open source website building tools, which you can learn easily without much technical knowledge and start making your website.

WordPress is one of the leading and best open source to build website, you can build great website, which will satisfy most of your needs. WordPress is supported by a huge user baser, active forums will guide you to build your own website within short time. Many plug-in are made for wordpress, which could enhance website service. There are other free website building tools also available like joomla and Drupal, but they need some knowledge of coding. But, if you are completely new and want to start making website, WordPress should be your first option.


4. Hosting and domain

Yes, you can even get free hosting and domain name, it is very useful for small website and start up, who have just starting their work on website building. It is very useful is you are low on budget and want to learn coding or learn to use free website building tools.

000webhost is one of the websites that provides free hosting account. 


5. Magazine

You can get a digital subscription of magazine for absolutely free, check out Value Mags for a full list of what’s available with them.


6. Movies and TV

There are free streaming sites like Hulu. More and more service are coming out providing free streaming service. This has made possible to watch number of movies and TV series right from your mobile, tablets or desktops.


7. MP3 Downloads

Amazon currently has more than 50,000 free song available for download. Plus, iTunes, Starbucks, and other services are distributing free songs.


8. Road Trips

If you want to take a drive across the country but haven’t got any wheels and don’t want torent a car, there are websites like AutoDriveaway that will help you find a car to drive for someone who is moving and doesn’t want to drive their own car. This how you can travel at low cost and can even make new friends and socialize more!


9. Storage

Many Cloud Storage are providing certain amount of free storage , which is enough an average user to stuff  up their digital content in safe and secure way and access it through any platform having internet. Dropbox, Google Drive, One drive are providing this innovative serices.


10. Education:

You won’t be able to get a college degree from it, but if you’re just looking to expand your knowledge, there are many website that could offer you free education

www.academicearth.org providing we built the first collection of free online college courses from the world’s top universities. This is your chance to learn things you always wished for, it’s never too late for anything, start exploring what excites you.


11. Expert computer help

Most of us are not computer genius, to solve every technical related problem. Moreover, hiring an engineer every time to solve every little issue can be expensive. Well, there are organization who provide such service at no cost.

Protonic.com is one such website who has come forward to provide this service for free. If you’ve ever had a computer problem like software related issue, some hardware glitch or simple task but you are not able to figure out and feel frustrated, Protonic comes to your rescue. You can ask question for free to www.protonic.com and answer will be e-mailed to you by one their volunteer expert.


12. Write a business plan

There are number of Government schemes encouraging you to start you own small scale business, get more information from the local authority in your area to learn more about it. Even you could find number of online forum who could guide you well to start with business you want. The only thing you need is desire to work.


13. Photo organizer

Picasa is a freeware developed from Google that helps you locate and organize all the photos on your computer. You can edit and add effects, share photos with others through e-mail, print them or upload them to the web. It’s fast and easy.


Kaushal Gohil

Kaushal Gohil

Kaushal Gohil is an enthusiastic blogger who loves to write articles about technology & fascinating world of internet. He also likes to write and talk about entrepreneurship and inspire others to be a part of it
Kaushal Gohil

Kaushal Gohil

Kaushal Gohil is an enthusiastic blogger who loves to write articles about technology & fascinating world of internet. He also likes to write and talk about entrepreneurship and inspire others to be a part of it

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